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Governor McCrory Signs Job-Promoting Legislation That Cuts Government Red Tape

Press Release

Location: Raleigh, NC

Governor Pat McCrory signed today the Regulatory Reform Act (HB 74), common sense legislation that promotes job creation in North Carolina by cutting burdensome regulations and government red tape.

"For decades, liberals have stifled small businesses and job creators with undue bureaucratic burden and red tape. We have more than 22,000 rules on the books in state government and this is unacceptable," said Governor McCrory. "This common sense legislation cuts government red tape, axes overly burdensome regulations, and puts job creation first here in North Carolina. Signing the Regulatory Reform Act into law today is another step toward making North Carolina more friendly to job creators."

This legislation empowers the McCrory Administration to review, revise and repeal outdated and burdensome regulations.

"I am especially pleased this legislation gives job creators the ability to provide a preference to veterans and spouses of disabled veterans for employment," added McCrory.

When he signed the Regulatory Reform Act, Governor McCrory also signed two executive orders. He also encourages an emergency rule from the Environmental Management Commission.

"These executive orders help protect the beauty and environmental health of our state while also ensuring local government input," said Governor McCrory.

Executive Order 22: This executive order ensures that law enforcement can continue to cite leaking garbage trucks to protect public health and safety and the environment. Read a copy of this E.O. here.

Executive Order 23: This executive order closes a loophole, ensures local input and protects North Carolina from excessive clear cutting from outdoor advertising companies. Read a copy of this E.O. here.

Emergency Rule: We are working with the Environmental Management Commission to ensure that we have a clear definition of pervious gravel by establishing a new emergency rule. This is necessary to ensure public health and safety due to potential issues with storm water runoff.

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