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E-Newsletter - 8/26/13


Location: Unknown

The Week Just Passed: A "Harbinger" of Things to Come?

"Despite the President's oft-stated claim that his new healthcare law will reduce premiums and allow Americans to keep their healthcare plans if they like them, word came last week that one of the biggest U.S. employers was making significant changes in this key area.

"United Parcel Service announced this week that it plans to drop health insurance coverage for about 15,000 working spouses of white-collar employees. In a memo to workers, UPS said the coverage shift is a response to expenses from the 2010 Affordable Care Act and "the rising cost of health care in general.'

"Experts are asking, "Is this a harbinger of things to come?' I would not be surprised because we are seeing many unintended consequences of the Obamacare -- rising premiums, employees' hours being cut, potential layoffs.

"In a weak economic recovery where job creation is lagging, this trend, if it comes to pass, would be very unwelcome.

"Creation of jobs and career opportunities must remain Congress' top priority. We should continue to work to expand American energy, simplify our tax code and reduce harmful regulations. That starts with lifting the most burdensome parts of Obamacare off the backs of and families and small businesses!"


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