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Statement from Governor Hassan on Closure of Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station


Location: Concord, NH

Governor Maggie Hassan issued the following statement today on Entergy Corporation's decision to close and decommission the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station:

"While today's announcement is significant, the issues related to the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station have been closely monitored for years by officials in New Hampshire and across the region, and I am confident that, given the advanced notice, all parties are prepared to effectively respond and ensure public safety throughout the closure process."

"We will continue to work with Vermont and our regional and federal partners to prepare for and minimize any impacts to our electric grid, energy costs, and reliability in the region. We also stand ready to work with our partners to assist displaced workers and to ensure that the closure of the plant protects the health and safety of New Hampshire's citizens.

"Changes such as this in our energy landscape underscore the need to pursue modern and long-term strategies to address our energy needs. The work being done by the State Energy Council, created this year by SB 191, is important to help us plan for an innovative energy economy that will meet our needs for decades to come, while creating jobs and protecting our natural resources. I look forward to working with all parties to develop a comprehensive and long-term state energy strategy."

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