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Governor Christie: Whatever Comes Next, We Will Be Better Prepared


Location: Unknown

Governor Christie: We know that between Irene and Sandy over the last two years, we've dealt with a lot in this state. We've learned though each time. Our response to Irene was good. Our response to Sandy was better, and our response to whatever comes next will be better if we prepare the right way and work with our partners at the federal, local level to make sure that we have a plan that is really seamless, and that's what the Secretary has been spending so much time working on. Beside dealing with the aftermath of this storm, it's also been about preparing for the future, and that's why I feel so strongly about us continuing to work as partners, as the Congressman said to make sure that we're better prepared the next time for what happens when it hits, and so I thank him for coming back. He has been a frequent, frequent visitor to the state during this period of time as I've talked about many times. He's a smart guy even though he's not from New Jersey. He married a woman from New Jersey, so he's very smart, a very smart guy. Pascrell and I agree on that. He married up and married a Jersey Girl, and so he knows this state. He knows it well, and we're thrilled to have him back and we hope to have him back any number of times as we continue to go through the planning for making our state a more resilient and stronger place.

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