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Governor Christie: Yesterday's Promise Is Today's Reality


Location: Unknown

Governor Christie: Our Administration, both here and under Bill and David Samson's leadership at the Port Authority, will continue to make significant economic progress through direct infrastructure investment projects and public-private partnerships. These include our urban transit hub law that's been a big incentive tool that's been used to date, moving forward with the second phase of Newark's Teachers Village right across the river, making nearly half a billion dollars of grants available for needed construction projects in school districts across New Jersey, and today finally in Harrison after promises from many governors before me, finally the realization of that promise to become a centerpiece for Harrison of a vibrant mixed use transit-oriented development while spurring community revitalization, job creation, and business investment. You know, whether it's here in Harrison with Mayor McDonough, whether it's in Essex County with the county executive Joe DiVincenzo, and the sheriff Armando Fontoura, whether it's in Camden, we're working hard with the Mayor, no matter where it is in our urban areas of the state, we are going to be committed to making sure that we have renewed development, growth, safety, and better education in our state's cities.

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