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Fleming Highlights U.S. Law That Could Subject Americans to Isalmic Sharia Law


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman John Fleming, M.D., released the following statement after a hearing which exposed how the Lacey Act, as amended in 2008, subjects U.S. citizens to prosecution in America for violations of foreign law:

"U.S. citizens have been prosecuted in American courts and sent to American prisons for violating foreign laws, and some could even be tried on U.S. soil for violating Sharia law that is in effect in countries with which Americans do business. At a hearing I chaired Wednesday on Capitol Hill, witnesses explained how Americans were prosecuted for importing spiny lobster tails that once violated a Honduran law, which even the government of Honduras found to be invalid. It's a little known reality of the Lacey Act that Americans importing from nations like Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, could be subject to the Islamic Sharia Law that is in existence in those countries. Subjecting Americans to foreign laws in American courts is deeply disturbing, but so too was the willingness of Democrats at this hearing to defend this law and the danger it poses to American citizens. I will be introducing legislation soon to reform this bad concept."

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