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Working Together for Solutions

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. JACKSON LEE. Mr. Speaker, the American people want us to work together. You can poll any one of them that is coming through these halls as tourists, as Americans, and I know they want us to work together.

I think it is important that we announce to the American people that we will immediately get rid of sequester and stop the laying off of valuable Defense Department workers and Health and Human Services workers, people who help generate the economy because of the work that they do in places beyond the beltway, government workers who are servants of the people.

We need to get rid of sequester and begin to fund those child care seats that have been lost, those Meals on Wheels, and Medicare resources for our seniors. We need to stop playing around with the budget.

We need to insist that the bills of the American people be paid through raising the debt ceiling, and not in an angry manner, but recognizing our responsibilities.

We know that the NSA has been looked at. I stand here as someone who will stand on behalf of the civil liberties and civil rights of Americans. I have introduced an intelligence bill to review the enormous number of contractors that are being used to give top secret credibility and, as well, to do our outsourcing of our work.

I have introduced a bill dealing with the FISA Court, to release the FISA Court opinions, because I believe it is important for the American people to know and be protected in their civil liberties.

Finally, ObamaCare is one that I am proud to be supporting because it helps small businesses. It helps those who don't have care, and it provides for young people to have health coverage. ObamaCare serves the American people.

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