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Let's Turn Off the Sequester

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. HANABUSA. Mr. Speaker, a word not much known about 2 years ago now is a household word. It is ``to sequester,'' a verb, and ``sequestration,'' a noun.

Today, in the Armed Services Committee, we heard the Republican chair and the Democratic ranking member state in almost unison, Sequestration must end. It is a threat to our great Nation's readiness posture, affects jobs, and the manufacturing base.

DOD alone has 800,000 civilian employees. It is not only defense that's being affected. It is all of the discretionary budget. CBO estimates it will cost about 750,000 jobs this year alone. We saw it earlier this year with the FAA.

We will see how the U.S. Forest Service is affected by 500 firefighters that are lost, 50 to 70 fire engines, and two aircraft.

We will also see 70,000 children lose access to Head Start.

What will it take to turn it off, to quote our HASC ranking member?

We all agree it was not meant to be. It's a mistake. Mr. Speaker, let's turn it off.

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