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Blog: Utah's TRAX Extends Service - and Opportunity - to Draper


Location: Unknown

Last week in Utah, I had the pleasure of seeing what can happen when communities come together to solve their mutual challenges. The TRAX Light Rail Extension to the City of Draper is the final leg of a seven-year plan that invests in the future of the entire Salt Lake Region.

It is exactly the kind of thinking we need to see in communities across America, and DOT is proud to have played its part.

The projects in the Utah Transit Authority's "Frontlines 2015" initiative have supported roughly 5,000 jobs a year during construction. They've added 70 miles of rail--more than doubling the length of the TRAX light rail system. They've improved access to jobs for hardworking men and women--and allowed commuters to spend less time stuck in traffic on I-15 and more time with their families. They've helped reduce the burden of emissions that a growing population would add to the Salt Lake environment.

And they have prepared the Salt Lake City region for a brighter future.

Because when commuters have an easier time getting to and from jobs, employers and small businesses can locate without having to worry about access to the workplace. Where there are jobs and a healthy environment, families can live and work without having to worry about the quality of the air their kids will breathe.

The TRAX Light Rail system is a ladder of opportunity. And today--thanks to the State of Utah, the County of Salt Lake, and the cities of Salt Lake, Sandy, and Draper--that ladder has a few new rungs.

This is how we build stronger communities. It's how we build a stronger nation, and it's how we move America forward.

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