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Pryor: ABLE to Make a Difference


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Mary loves to dance--whether it's hip-hop, jazz, or the waltz. This year's Junior Cotillion was the perfect place for her to have fun and show off her impressive dancing skills. Mary's also an avid swimmer, and has even competed in the Arkansas State Special Olympic Games in backstroke. Like most 9th graders, Mary is considering her future. She dreams of attending the University of Arkansas Project Launch Program in Fayetteville, where she and other young adults with disabilities are given an opportunity to obtain a collegiate experience. But it's expensive, and Mary will need to work during the summers to save enough money for school.

Every day, I hear from individuals like Mary whose families are dealing with the high costs of specialized healthcare, education, and transportation. And I want to help. That's why I'm a proud supporter of the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act. This bill will give parents an opportunity to set up tax-free savings accounts for disability-related expenses so their kids can have an improved quality of life and a secure financial future. Even more, it'll allow Mary and others to contribute to their local communities by working and earning money--without being afraid of losing the Medicare eligibility they need to receive essential medical care.

The ABLE Act has already received strong bipartisan and bicameral support. Let's work together to build even more support for the ABLE Act so we can give Mary and others an opportunity to reach their full potential.

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