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Authority for Mandate Delay Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. PITTS. Mr. Speaker, today I rise in support of delaying both the employer and individual mandates.

According to a new Gallup poll, 4 in 10 uninsured Americans don't even realize that they'll be subject to fines under the Affordable Care Act. They're about to find out that they're required to purchase insurance that is now even more expensive than it was in the past.

In California, one of the few States to release detailed data about the cost of ObamaCare coverage, individual market premiums will double for many residents.

Researchers compared the estimated cost of health insurance plans on the new exchanges with what is currently available on the individual market in the State, and astonishingly they found that current health plans cost significantly less than comparable plans that will be sold on the exchanges come October 1. In other words, some people will be paying more for the same thing because of the new complexity of federally supported exchanges. Now, some individuals will be eligible for subsidies, but many will get no help at all. In fact, they'll be paying more in order to support the subsidies. They will just have to watch their take-home pay get smaller.

The administration heard from business owners about the chaos being caused by the law. Some employers are laying off employees; some employers are shifting to part-time employees; some employers are deciding not to expand their businesses; and many employees can't get a job. Employees are losing their health insurance, losing benefits, losing income, trying to find another part-time job just to survive, and the administration panicked and is unlawfully delaying the employer mandate.

It's deeply unfair to subject individuals to a mandate that they can neither comprehend nor afford.

Today, we're fighting for fairness, but we will continue the fight to completely stop this train wreck before it finally wrecks family budgets, health care, and our economy.


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