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Governor Christie On Gun Violence: We Must Be The Grown Ups On This Issue


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Governor Christie: We cannot and we should not let emotion guide our actions. We cannot let empty rhetoric, fear, division, and politics, along with the twenty-four hour media cycle take hold of this conversation and the things we must do to fundamentally deal with the very real problems we're facing in our homes, in our schools, in our state, and in our country. This issue is personal for many people at many different levels. Our job here is to make sure that our emotions do not substantively impede our ability to try to bring some solutions to this problem. And let me say this as a former prosecutor: the unfortunate and harsh reality in our society is we're never going to prevent all violence. Horrible things will happen no matter what we do. Bad people will do bad things no matter what we do. Some things, no matter how hard we try, are simply going to be out of a civilized society's control. Yet there are things that are in our control, and we must be the grownups on this issue. This is not time for grandstanding and it is not time for politics. This is the time for an honest conversation on how we realistically deal with what is a very complex issue. Only then will we be able to change the dialogue, change the tone, and change how we address this issue, so that we can best protect and preserve the safety of the people we serve, which is the first and most important obligation in my view of government.

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