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American People Want Jobs

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mrs. CAROLYN B. MALONEY of New York. Mr. Speaker, the American people have said loud and clear that what they want the most from Congress is jobs. And what is Congress giving them? Jabs--threats to bring the government to a halt; threats to let the United States Treasury default; threats to slash the funding for mass transit that brings people to their jobs. And the tentacles of sequestration will strangle growth even more. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that sequestration will cost us 900,000 fewer jobs next year.

It's time to stop playing politics with our economy and do the people's work. We need to provide a strong workforce, a strong infrastructure, and manufacturing sectors. We need to provide a living wage to grow the middle class and strengthen America's standing as a leader in education and pioneering research.

But still, our friends on the other side of the aisle are marching to the tune of their own drum when what they should be listening to is the cry of the American people for more jobs.

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