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Representative Steve King's Ignorant Comments

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. RUIZ. Mr. Speaker, Representative King's recent comments about children of immigrants are a disgrace to this institution. These comments are unacceptable and just plain wrong on so many levels.

We may not all agree on the best way to fix our Nation's broken immigration system, but we can all agree that it's broken.

Comments like Representative King's don't do anything to solve problems or bring us closer to a true bipartisan solution on immigration. They only exacerbate the problem of extreme partisanship and inject needless divisiveness into the conversation on how to best reform our immigration system.

This sort of ideologically driven and hateful rhetoric has no place in this institution, and it must stop. It is time for both parties to put down the partisan talking points and make a good faith effort to work together to have a conversation and not a confrontation.

We need to act, and we need to act now. We don't have time for this partisan gamesmanship. We must reduce our deficit by passing this comprehensive immigration reform.

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