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Authority for Mandate Delay Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. ANDREWS. Mr. Speaker, the purpose of this final amendment, which would not delay consideration of the bill, if passed, is to be sure that no one who's covered by their employer today suffers as a result of this bill. But make no mistake about it, the purpose of the underlying bill is to unravel the Affordable Care Act thread by thread and make sure that it collapses under its own weight. Make no mistake about it further, our purpose is forgotten around here if that's what this Congress does.

We are not a debating society. We are not a perpetual political campaign. We are a legislative body that makes decisions that affect the real lives of real people in very significant ways. It is very important that all Members understand the consequences of what is being done here today.

There are a lot of Americans whose lives are not being impacted here today:

Among the 11 million unemployed in this country, they are hoping that next week might be the first week they get a paycheck in a long time. This House, consistent with its practice, is doing nothing.

For the members of families with student loans, there are over 5 million of them who have seen their student loan rates double on the 1st of July. This House, consistent with its practice, is doing nothing for them today.

For the millions of Americans who are waiting for our economy to be lifted and their lives to be lifted out of the doldrums and the shadows of an antiquated immigration law, where the other body, with 68 percent voting in favor of a change in that law, consistent with its practice, this House is doing nothing, once again, for those Americans today.

But if this bill and its unraveling attempt passes, this House is doing a lot to affect a lot of other Americans:

If everyone doesn't participate in paying for the health care system, the woman who has breast cancer or the little boy who has asthma, they can be denied a health insurance policy because of their preexisting condition, or it will become so expensive they can't afford it. This bill affects them.

The person who overpaid for their health insurance policy, if they're one of the millions of Americans who've gotten a rebate since the Affordable Care Act went into effect to stop insurance companies from overcharging Americans, if these folks have their way and that's repealed, this bill will certainly affect them because they'll lose that rebate.

If they are among the millions of senior citizens who have been able to go for an annual checkup for a cancer screening, an annual checkup for their general health and not pay anything for it and find dreaded diseases before they take control of their lives and recover from those diseases, this bill most certainly will affect those Americans because it will repeal those benefits.

For those seniors who have been caught in the so-called doughnut hole created by--the Medicare program created by the then-majority a few years ago--who've seen their drug coverage costs drop because of rebates that help them offset that coverage, they will most certainly be affected by this bill because those rebates will disappear, and their coverage will go back up and cost them more again.

If they're one of the thousands or even millions of young people who are able to stay on their parents' health insurance policies until they're 26 years of age, their lives will be affected by this bill because they'll lose that benefit and it will evaporate.

This Congress has a real responsibility to Americans who want to see us move beyond this endless debate, this 38th attempted repeal of this law, who want to see us move beyond this and get to work on the real problems that confront the country. Let's put Americans back to work. Let's drop the cost of a college education. Let's fix our broken immigration system. Let's get to work on repairing the Voting Rights Act that was vandalized by the United States Supreme Court just a few weeks ago.

These are problems to which we should turn our attention, but here we are again, the 38th consecutive attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The first 37 failed, and so will the 38th. The right vote for our constituents and the American people is to vote ``yes'' on this motion to recommit and ``no'' on this underlying bill.


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