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Rep. Gosar: At the IRS, the Name of the Game is Target and Discriminate

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Today, the STOP IRS Act (H.R. 2565), which would require the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to terminate any employee who targets individuals or groups because of their political beliefs, passed the House of Representatives.

This bill is similar to the IRS Anti-Abuse Act (H.R. 2025), a prior bill filed by Rep. Gosar which also prohibited the IRS from targeting individuals and groups based on political beliefs, and would allow termination of any IRS employee who did so.

"At the IRS, the name of the game is target and discriminate -- that is, target and discriminate against the president's political opponents. Government bureaucrats, especially at the IRS, are obligated to be fair and just when applying the law. Actions have consequences. Not only should the indefensible targeting of Americans for their political beliefs be made illegal, it should be a fireable offense. When bureaucrats abuse their power, waste taxpayer dollars and betray the rule of law, they should face the penalty. The STOP IRS Act is essential to delivering the accountability, honesty and integrity the American people deserve from government."

Rep. Gosar introduced similar legislation, the IRS Anti-Abuse Act, which would make discriminating against organizations and individuals based on political affiliation and ideology both an illegal and a fireable offense.

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