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Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act of 2013

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. DINGELL. I thank my beloved friend for yielding me this time, Mr. Speaker.

I rise to ask: Aren't you embarrassed to go a 40th time in a fruitless, hopeless act? This is the 40th time we've tried to kill the legislation. It costs us $1.5 million every time, none of which have been successful.

My Republican colleagues have never come forward with a proposal which they have presented to this House, but they sit over there railing and complaining about what is going on. They're going to take the rights of the American people for protection against pre-existing condition, bans on their insurance. They're going to take away from the American people all kinds of protections which we have in the Affordable Care Act.

The Speaker the other day said the Republicans were the party of repeal. I think he's right. I suspect we don't want to call them the Republicans anymore, but I think we ought to call them the ``Repealicans'' or perhaps the ``Repealican'ts,'' because they've never been able to repeal anything, and they can't enact legislation.

There have been 12 bills, I think, that this Congress has sent to the White House, and there is small prospect of anything more coming from here. It's interesting to note they can't move a budget; they can't do legislation on jobs; they're incapable of seeing to it that we do the other things that are necessary to help the middle class. Yet we keep coming over here with nonsense like this.

The Republican Party is like the Bourbons of France: they forget nothing because they never learned anything.


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