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Governor Christie To Little Ferry: Thank You For Your Guts


Location: Unknown

Governor Christie: I want to thank all of you for coming today. I want to thank the people of Little Ferry for their guts. I mean, this wasn't easy, and you guys got hit in a way that was completely unexpected. I can remember when it happened on that night. I was getting ready to finally leave the emergency operations center. I thought I had already heard the worst of what was going to happen October 29th, and then I got alerted to what was going on here in Little Ferry and Moonachie, and it happened as you know in a flash, and you had brave people in both these towns who stood up and helped each other and made a difference, but in some ways the people along the Shore, while they didn't expect how bad it was they expected something to happen, where up here in Little Ferry and Moonachie I suspect that you didn't go to bed that night thinking you were going to get what you got. That makes it in some ways even harder to deal with the reality of it, and so I want you to know I understand that, and that the level of shock and displacement up here is significant, so I get it, and we're going to continue to work together. I can't promise you that in the next month when I come back here again in September and October and November that everything is going to be fixed and everybody's going to be back to normal, but you will be at some point, because this is my mission now. It's my mission to finish this task and to get you back to life as normal, so I'm not going to let up, I'm not going to give in, and I hope you won't either, and I suspect knowing this place as well as I've gotten to know it that there's no chance, no chance that you all will give in to this storm.

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