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Nebraska DMV to Offer Parent's Supervised Driving Program

Press Release

Location: Lincoln, NE

Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman announced today the availability of a new program to help parents and guardians of teen drivers. The Parent's Supervised Driving Program is designed to optimize the 50 hours of supervised driving required for Nebraska teens.

"The skills outlined in this guide are meant to help teens learn to be better drivers. It is one of the ways Ford works to help teens," said Steve Kenner, Global Director of Ford's Automotive Safety Office. "In addition to this Program, Ford also offers Driving Skills for Life, which gives teens advanced real world training. Ford also offers MyKey technology, which gives parents options to help encourage safe driving behaviors even when the parents aren't in the car."

"The youth of Nebraska are one of our most valuable resources," Governor Heineman said. "We are excited to be able to provide a program that will assist them in developing good driving skills, and becoming more responsible users of the roadways in our state. I'm confident both the teens and their parents and guardians will benefit greatly from the Program."

The Program is geared toward skill development, and expanding the conditions and time that teens drive with their parents prior to driving independently. The Parent's Supervised Driving Program offers parents guidance on how to approach each supervised driving session as well as how to continue education beyond the required 50 hours of supervised driving. The Program also includes a driving log to help parents and teens track the required driving hours and the skills covered, the time of day and weather conditions during each session.

"Safe drivers mean safer roadways," said Colonel David Sankey, Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol. "This Program provides another tool for Nebraska teens to help them develop the skills they need to become better drivers and reduce the likelihood of becoming involved in a crash."

"Driving is a privilege and important responsibility," said Rhonda Lahm, Director of the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles. "This program will prepare parents and build their confidence as they expose their teens to driving under various roadway conditions."

The Program is available to parents and teens on multiple platforms, beginning with the printed curriculum that is distributed at DMV offices when the teen receives their learner's permit. Parents and teens are also invited to connect with the Program online and through social media as well as on a soon to be released mobile app that will help parents and teens track their drive times.

Through a public-private partnership with Ford Motor Company, the Nebraska DMV is able to provide this valuable resource to parents of teen drivers at no cost to families or to taxpayers. The sponsorship allows the DMV to address a need and to provide parents with a resource to ensure their teen receives the best experience on the road prior to licensing during the state required 50 hours of supervised driving.

The Parent's Supervised Driving Program encourages parents and teens to drive in a variety of weather conditions and unfamiliar settings, whether it is on more rural roads, in highway, city and heavy traffic routes, and also in a variety of conditions and times of day. Increased experience practicing driving with parents is a key to reducing teen crash rates.

The Program was developed in partnership with Safe Roads Alliance, a not-for-profit advocate for improved highway safety. "Parents are in the best position to assure that their teens become safe, smart drivers," said President of Safe Roads Alliance Jeff Larson. "This program gives them a resource that will help teens make good decisions once they are licensed."

More information on the program and downloads of a PDF or e-reader file can be found at:

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