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41 WMGT NBC - U.S. House Passes Amendment to End DoD Civilian Employee Furlough Days

News Article

Location: Warner Robins, GA

By Amanda Castro

An amendment passed in the U.S. House of Representatives will cut civilian employee furlough days for Robins Air Force Base and other bases across the country for the next fiscal year.

Georgia Congressman John Barrow wrote the bipartisan amendment to the Department of Defense Appropriations Bill that was passed on Tuesday. It still requires the DoD to cut its budget, but now it can't enforce civilian furlough days as a way to reduce its spending.

This only affects furlough days for the next fiscal year which starts October 1st.

Barrow says this is a step in the right direction to support civilian employees who don't deserve these pay cuts.

"If we do nothing, then those folks who are experiencing a 20% pay cut for the rest of this fiscal year will have at least a 5% pay cut for all of next year. And this is designed to set that latter impact aside," Barrow said. "Civilian DoD employees are not the cause of the runaway federal deficit. We shouldn't be trying to solve the problem on their backs. It's not smart and it's not fair."

The House will vote on final passage of the full DoD Appropriations bill on Wednesday and then it is set to go before the Senate. Barrow expects it to pass.

He is also working on a piece of legislation that will end furlough days for this fiscal year.

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