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Bringing Fairness to the Playing FIeld

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. COLLINS of Georgia. Mr. Speaker, it's getting hot in north Georgia, and when it gets hot in north Georgia, I think of cut grass and I think of football, and I think of the lessons that I learned as I was growing up on that football field at Riverbend Elementary School. And one of the things that I learned from football was not only teamwork, but one of the lessons was fair play. It was being fair. It was being and playing with everybody having the same opportunities.

Well, that's exactly why House Republicans this week brought to the floor two important bills: one to delay the implementation of the employer mandate, and the other to delay the implementation of the individual mandate.

Why do we do that? That's a question that I've asked on this floor before. And it's because it is fair. Because we don't want to pick one or the other.

Many times in this House, we come and pit one against the other. I say to this administration and to both sides of the aisle, let's play fair. That's why we brought it to the floor. That's what matters.

Washington needs to be honest with the American people. This is a broken health care law. We just simply brought fairness to the playing field yesterday.


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