House Acts to Extend Relief from Obamacare to Working Americans

Press Release

By:  Jack Kingston
Date: July 17, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

The House of Representatives today voted to extend the same relief from Obamacare to working Americans that the Obama Administration gave to big business earlier this month.

The move would delay the mandate for all Americans to acquire health insurance by one year.

"What is good enough for big businesses should be good enough for hardworking Americans,"said Kingston. "The implementation of Obamacare has gone so poorly that even leading Democrats are calling it what its: a "train wreck.' While enacting this bill is a positive step, I will continue fighting for a full real of this misguided law."

The House also approved legislation that would codify the delay for businesses as legal experts have disputed whether the Obama Administration has the authority to delay parts of enacted law.

As more controversial and complex aspects of the law near implementation, public support has plummeted. A recent survey by Rasmussen Reports found that just 39 percent of Americans view it favorably while 55 percent oppose the law.

"Inserting bureaucrats between a patient and her doctor does nothing to bring down costs or expand access to health care," Kingston said. "It increases costs, decreases choices, and stifles innovation. If those are the goals of President Obama and Senate Democrats, they will continue to support this misguided law. If not, they should join us in providing relief from Obamacare to the American people."

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