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Leader Cantor Commends House Passage Of Scalise Carbon Tax Amendment


Location: Washington, DC

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) today released the following statement after the House passed Republican Study Committee Chairman Steve Scalise's amendment, which would require that any regulation implementing a carbon tax be separately approved by Congress:

"The President's climate plan will impose a $2,000 annual tax on families without any impact on the climate. A carbon tax is not a fee on big business, as the President and his EPA like to rationalize it, but a tax increase on the entire energy consuming economy. Lower and middle income Americans and job creators don't need that tax, not now, not ever.

"Even worse, imposing this new tax would actually do little to impact changes in global temperature. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Assessment Reports, if the U.S. as a whole stopped emitting all carbon dioxide emissions immediately, the ultimate impact on projected global temperature rise would be negligible.

"Like all taxes, a tax on carbon would hit the poor, the elderly, and those on fixed incomes the hardest. I urge the President to focus on how we create a climate for economic growth and job creation, not how we find new ways to tax the American people"

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