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Leader Cantor: Washington Works For The People, Not The Other Way Around


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"I am looking forward to a very busy week here the last week in July. First of all, I am very excited that the Senate and White House finally decided to put politics aside and come down on the side of the students, and join us in making sure that student loan interest rates do not escalate. So we're looking forward to that vote on the floor today.

"We are also engaged in a very robust discussion this week about issues that I think should be bipartisan from the get-go. And that is to stop the over-reach here in Washington and to come down on the side of the people. We have several bills in the Stop Government Abuse legislative package that aim to do just that. There is a bill that says we've got to put an end to the excessive bonuses being given to federal employees. There's a bill that says that we've got to put an end to the lavish conferences that have been footed by the taxpayer. We also have a bill that says if an individual such as Mrs. Lerner at the IRS is on paid leave and under investigation, the taxpayers shouldn't be paying her. She should be unpaid until things are revealed and we can get straight as to what in the world is going on at an agency like the IRS. We are also looking to cut red tape and grow jobs.

"Finally, this week, we're going to have a bill sponsored by Dr. Price from Georgia. After all we've learned about the IRS and its conduct, the last thing we want is the IRS into protected health care information of taxpayers. We'll have a bill to remove the IRS from implementing ObamaCare.

"At the end of this week, I think it will be very clear that the House will have had a very busy couple days, pushing legislation through, hopefully in a bipartisan manner, saying it's time for us in Washington all to remember that this town should work for the people and not the other way around."

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