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Congressman Cantor Previews Stop Government Abuse Week On Greta


Location: Washington, DC

THE HOUSE WILL TAKE ACTION TO RESTORE TRUST IN GOVERNMENT: "House Republicans are really gearing up for one big week next week, and we have a package of about 10 bills aimed directly at that very point. The reason why we're really doing it is because you've seen now across the country a lot of waning, if you will, of the trust that people have in this government. And it is warranted. You look at what's going on in the IRS, you look at what's going on in the White House, you look at what's going on with the spending in these agencies -- we've got some bills to get right at this. The first bill I want to talk about is getting the IRS out of ObamaCare. We know what's going on at the IRS. We know there is a lot of evidence to demonstrate there is a political witch hunt going on in the tax enforcement agency, and yet that agency now is going to be into your health care records and help implement ObamaCare. That's not something we want."

MEMBERS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE SAYING NO TO OBAMACARE: "Right now, there are so many problems with the ObamaCare law. As you know, just before July 4th, the President took unilateral action and said finally that the law was flawed, and said employers wouldn't have to comply with the mandate or pay the taxes. We said, you know what, if it's good for businesses it ought to be good for working people. This law is flawed, it's not the direction we want the health care to go in this country, and it's damaging the economy. In fact, union leaders themselves said this law is going to create nightmare scenarios for millions of Americans that are at work and will wreak havoc on their health care…What we're seeing is the President now concede the law is flawed. As I indicated before, last week, the Republicans in the House joined by 35 Democrats, one vote, 22 on the other, I believe, and said no to these mandates, no to these burdens on working people or employers, because the law is not ready, the law is flawed."

ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, MR. PRESIDENT: "The White House said that there was going to be nothing new in it. There was nothing new in it. Whereas, we told the president, there are some things you can take immediate action right now, to join us to try to solve some problems. The President talks about retraining workers for the new generation of the economy. We just passed several months ago a SKILLS Act which says, we need to make our worker training programs efficient and we need results. All he has to do is pick up the phone and call his Democratic colleagues in the United States Senate and let them pick up that bill. It's something he talked about…This President has an opportunity to really forge ahead in terms of trying to solve problems. But I guess the White House has just decided to hang it up and say they can't do anything, and instead go and play the blame game, point fingers, just like he did in the campaign. We're ready to get to work up here."

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