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Congressman Cantor: Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Mr. President


Location: Unknown

"The President now, yet again, has announced his umpteenth pivot back to the issue of jobs and growth in the economy. House Republicans have remained concentrated on job growth and better results for working families.

"I'd say to the President: 'actions speak louder than words.' Another presidential speech is not going to help a mom or a dad who's out of work, or needs some job training, or needs some help to get back up on the ladder of success.

"It is House Republicans who have acted. Several months ago we passed the SKILLS Act. It's an issue that the President spoke about -- modernizing our worker training programs. He will talk in his speech about the need to train the workforce of the next generation. He could very easily pick up the phone and ask his Senate colleagues to pick up our SKILLS Act, let's pass it.

"Let's do something for the working families and businesses of this country. The only thing that he has done is acted to continue to implement ObamaCare, which, as we all know now is creating a part-time worker economy, not a full-time economy that can grow.

"So we ask the President to work with us. Work with us on some of the things that we've passed. Ask the Senate to get into action so we can actually deliver results for the middle class who he is now going out to speak to rather than act for."

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