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Leader Cantor Talks Obamacare & Education Opportunity on FOX & CNBC


Location: Unknown

We All Agree ObamaCare Is Fundamentally Flawed: "What happened is the Administration took a step a few weeks ago, which matched what a lot of us have been saying for a long time, that the ObamaCare law is fundamentally flawed. The Administration began to see, and finally admitted, that it wasn't ready to be implemented. And just this week, what we saw were Democratic union leaders write a letter to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid pointing out that there were going to be devastating effects of ObamaCare in terms of job prospects and people's health care. In fact, they predicted "nightmare scenarios' for working families in America. They say, the Affordable Care Act is not ready. It is flawed. We've been saying that all along, that this is not a law that we want for this country."

More Choice For Parents Means More Opportunity For Our Children: "Giving parents choice, to me, means giving kids more opportunity. I just visited here in Washington, Two Rivers Charter School, along with Chairman John Kline and members of his committee to see exactly what's going on here in the District of Columbia. It's been a laboratory for choice. About 43 percent of the students here in this town actually go to a charter school. What these charter schools have done is said to parents, "We'll hold ourselves accountable.' The larger bill that we'll see come to the floor this week is a bill that has been written by Chairman Kline and his committee. It takes the steps to say, "We've got to hold our schools accountable.' It's for the good of our families, our kids, and it really goes a long way towards empowering teachers."

Bipartisan Agreement That ObamaCare Is Not Ready: "We do want to permanently delay this thing. What has happened here is you've seen the Administration, two weeks ago, take a huge step and that was to admit that this law is flawed. In fact, what happened this week was even further evidence that there is growing bipartisan sense that this law needs to be stopped…The important piece is you also now have Democratic union leaders who have written a letter to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid outlining the threat that ObamaCare poses, not only to jobs in America, but they said they perceive nightmare scenarios to the health and well being or working families. Again, in a very peculiar development here, you've got a growing sense of commonality between the White House, union leaders and House Republicans that this thing is not ready. We don't think it will ever be ready."

ObamaCare Increasing Part-Time Employment, Reducing Full-Time Work: "You are now seeing growth in part-time employment in this country while you are seeing a reduction in full-time employment, which is obviously not something working families want. Then what they're seeing, as well as everyone else, is that employers are beginning to rethink now whether they're going to be providing a benefit, which goes to your point, that the number one promise the President has made is if you like your health care, you can keep it. I think the unions like so many others are seeing that that promise is going to be broken."

House Demands Fairness For All Americans From ObamaCare Mandates: "This is not just a message stance, this is real. You have bipartisan agreement this thing is not ready. The White House then took the position that they could selectively enforce the ObamaCare law and choose to lift the mandate on employers -- what about the rest of America? That's why we took both steps, removing the mandate from employers as well as individuals, to say what's fair is fair, and this law is not ready."

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