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Fairness for American Families Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. DINGELL. Mr. Speaker, I thank my good friend for the time; and I rise in strong opposition to the seriously misnamed H.R. 2668, Fairness for American Families Act. It's a lot of baloney. This is nothing more than a sorry political stunt that would undermine the critical portions of the Affordable Care Act, which is already bringing enormous benefits to the American people.

Delaying the individual mandate by 1 year will simply undercut ACA when it is the time that we must be focusing on fully implementing the law. Just today, we found that the health insurance premiums in New York are going to fall by an average of 50 percent when the exchanges are up and running. Other States can do the same thing, and that is the experience which we're finding across the country. This is happening elsewhere.

I would point out that repealing the individual mandate is going to cost Americans additional health care costs, not decrease them.

Let us move forward with the implementation. I ask my Republicans colleagues to cooperate with us in that goal. I ask them to work with us to better the welfare of the American people by seeing to it that this comes into law. The Congress has spoken and the American people approve. I say that it is time for us to provide real benefits to the American people rather than continue playing these sorry and tired political games.

I say shame on those of us who are wasting the time of this body. Let us address the problems of the economy. Let us deal with jobs, employment. Let us deal with student loans, where the interest rate is doubling. Let us see to it that we implement this law which will do away with things that are so hurtful to the American people, such as having Americans unable to get insurance because they have a preexisting condition or where insurance companies can cancel a policy because people are getting sick. It is time for us to deal with the real problems.

Einstein observed that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again with the full expectation that the results are going to be different, but getting the same result. I say this country needs better leadership, better understanding, and a Congress that will work on behalf of the American people. As I look around, I do not see that on this floor today.

Again, I say shame. This is a terrible, terrible waste of the people's money and the people's time. It costs a lot for us to make this Congress meet and to conduct its business, and we are wasting that time now with this kind of nonsensical legislation.


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