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Another Week, Another Failure By Republicans To Fund Education, Health, Labor Programs


Location: New Haven, CT

At the close of another week, Republicans in the House of Representatives are still no closer to ensuring the critical education, health care and job training programs millions of Americans rely on will still be funded come October 1. Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) --the senior Democrat on the subcommittee responsible for funding the departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education--has repeatedlyasked her colleagues when they will act. To date, she has been denied the courtesy of a simple answer.

"Today is July 12. The Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education subcommittee last met on April 25. Almost three months later and America is still in the dark as to how Republicans propose to fund lifesaving cancer research, our children's classrooms and job training. This is unacceptable.

"Yesterday the Senate Appropriations Committee passed their version of the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education bill. Today the House Appropriations Committee has again failed to schedule any action. I call on the full and subcommittee chairmen to stop delaying and let us do the job the American taxpayers hired us to do."

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