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Authority for Mandate Delay Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. LARSON of Connecticut. I want to thank the gentleman from Michigan.

Most importantly, I'm here today because I want to thank my colleagues on the other side of the aisle for their embrace of ObamaCare. After 38 attempts to repeal it, we see at least, however grudgingly, an acceptance and understanding of the importance and significance of this very important care.

Whether this embrace is the kiss of Judas, as some may say, or some may say this is just merely a charade, I commend them for understanding that Medicare isn't an entitlement. After all, it's the insurance that people have paid for. Every American knows this because all they have to do is go to their pay stub to check it out.

So we thank our colleagues for this embrace of this very important issue before us today. I thank them because I see an opportunity here. I see an opportunity to bring forward the best of public health, the best of science and innovation and technology, the best of entrepreneurialism, kind of like what the Heritage Foundation came up with and that a Republican Governor piloted in a Democratic State, which is what we now today call the ``Affordable Health Care Act.''

There are studies that suggest that there is over $700 billion to $800 billion annually in fraud, abuse, waste, and inefficiencies. Let's work together to drive out the inefficiencies.

Thanks for the embrace today and the understanding that if we do this, we cannot only pay down the national debt, we can end sequestration and we can provide an opportunity for our citizens to make sure they live out their lives in dignity by having the most important program for their retirement--Medicare--there for the future.

I thank my colleagues.


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