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So Much Left Undone

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. JACKSON LEE. Mr. Speaker, so much left undone.

Our students are crying out. Maybe they're saying, ``Mercy.''

To avoid this 6.8 percent increase in their rates, putting hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt on our college students, Congress must act immediately, and we must push and drive those who believe our students are not important.

Undone. The high unemployment of youth. In our meeting with the President yesterday, I mentioned the idea that we must construct a program that deals with underemployed or unemployed youth, particularly those high numbers in our minority community.

And then, of course, the prevention of youth violence, gun violence, that is a crucial issue for all of us. The Congressional Black Caucus will be working extensively with the President to help drive legislation that will pass reasonable gun violence prevention legislation but, more importantly as well, keep our young people alive, keep them
in school, and, yes, keep them studying, understanding and preventing gun violence from making them a victim.

This Congress must act now and end sequestration to make sure that America is treated well by this Nation.

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