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Youth Summer Jobs

Location: Baltimore, MD

Thank you very, very much and thank you for the tremendous work that is done here at MICA. How many of you have the opportunity to come to work here every day? This is one of the great places and great spaces in Baltimore and I want to thank you for all of the good work and all you do here at MICA.

I especially want to thank the young people. It is true that without a job, there is no progress. We've all certainly had a reminder of that during these last 4 really challenging years. We're now on the verge of having recovered all of the jobs we lost in the recession. So we're making progress, but there's still a lot more work that we have to do.

During this recession, young people were displaced from the part-time job market, often because adults needed those jobs as they worked to make ends meet. As we speak, about 1 in 5 Maryland teenagers are still looking for work this summer.

Which is where the Mayor's passion for summer jobs comes into play. Where all the private sector partners who are represented here come into play. Because of the choices and because of the investments we're making together as a people, we're going to be able to support 5,000 summer jobs for Baltimore kids this summer.

We're all in this together, and this YouthWorks initiative is an illustration of that. The state has made a $1.3 million investment. The city's doing its part, with $1.4 million. And our private sector partners made significant contributions. All of this is making our city a safer and better place for our young people.

This isn't about just one summer. Because when you go to get the next job, whether it is in the fall or next summer, you will be able to have your future employer call this summer's employer. And they can say, "Yes, he was here every day and worked hard. Yes, she was here early every day, and stayed late, and she did a good job." And that is so important as you move up the ladder to greater opportunities for yourselves and your families.

So with that, I would like to introduce to you a woman who needs no introduction. She has a passion for our cities young people, a passion for summer jobs. Please welcome our Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

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