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Blog: Transportation Moves America Forward


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Yesterday, I had the distinct honor of hosting Vice President Joe Biden at our DOT headquarters for my ceremonial swearing-in as Secretary of the Department of Transportation. I can't thank him enough for officiating and for his generous remarks.

I also want to thank my pastor, the Reverend Dr. Clifford A. Jones, Sr., for making the trip from Charlotte, NC, to Washington, DC, to deliver yesterday's invocation. And I want to thank the many friends, family, and colleagues who joined me, my wife Samara, and my kids Hillary and Zachary for this celebration.

One special person who made the trip up from Charlotte is my 96-year-old grandmother, Mary Kelly Foxx. Now, she grew up in the little town of Carthage, NC, in the early years of the 20th century, one of Peter and Ida Kelly's 13 children. Pete, my great-grandfather, had something to help him support that family--he had a truck. And he used it not only to raise those 13 kids, but put every single one of them through college.

So, when I talk about transportation as a lifeline, I'm speaking from personal experience in addition to the difference I saw it make as Mayor of Charlotte.

I'm talking about the millions of Americans in the past who used our transportation system to connect with the economic promise our nation offered them. I'm talking about the millions of Americans who use our transportation system today to connect with jobs, education, medical services, and all of the resources that help make our lives so abundant. And I am talking about the millions of Americans in the next generation who will use our transportation system to connect with tomorrow's opportunities.

Because throughout our history, improved transportation has been one of the best examples of what one generation can leave to the next.

A strong transportation system ensures that a working mom spends less time in traffic and more time with her kids. A strong transportation system helps American businesses ship their products across the country and around the world. A strong transportation system helps seniors get to medical appointments and connects veterans with job training.

And that is why it is so important that we at the Department of Transportation work harder than ever before to give the American people what they demand when it comes to infrastructure:

- Americans want their time back--not hours of traffic.
- Americans want transportation that expands--not hinders--business capacity.
- Americans want 21st century jobs--jobs that they will only find through 21st century infrastructure.
- Americans want safety--and sustainability.

The work we do at DOT matters. It matters to those who do it; it matters to the American people we serve.

We will continue to do it well.

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