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Barrow Introduces Legislation to Eliminate DoD Furloughs

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Congressman John Barrow (GA-12) introduced legislation, H.R. 2613, to exempt civilian Department of Defense (DoD) personnel from furloughs as a result of the automatic cuts in the budget sequester. In Georgia's 12th District, more than 3,200 employees are being furloughed beginning this week for 11 days between now and September 30, 2013.

"Folks in the 12th District are facing furloughs because Congress can't get its act together long enough to replace these reckless cuts with more responsible savings," said Congressman Barrow. "I'm not waiting around while Congressional leaders spend all their time blaming each other. My legislation keeps civilian employees on the job, and forces the DoD to find cuts elsewhere in the budget. It's responsible, and it's the kind of solution the folks in the 12th District want."

The legislation places civilian DoD employees on the list of exemptions from furloughs, and requires the cuts from those furloughs to be made elsewhere within the DoD budget.

Congressman Barrow introduced a second bill, H.R. 2614, to exempt civilian DoD employees from furloughs if they've served on active duty in the Armed Forces on or after the passage of the Budget Control Act. As he traveled throughout the 12th District, Congressman Barrow spoke with service men and women who served overseas, only to return home and receive furlough papers.

"Welcoming veterans who served in action with furlough papers the minute they get home isn't the way to treat these heroes," Barrow continued. "I won't let Washington's dysfunction trickle down to the folks who fight for this country every day. This is common sense legislation that will have a positive impact on folks in Georgia and all across the country."

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