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Fitzpatrick Bill Promotes Domestic Manufacturing

Press Release

Location: Hatfield, PA

Congressman Fitzpatrick (PA-8) held a press conference Friday at the Rodon Group to announce the introduction of bipartisan legislation that would highlight American-made products and incentivize manufacturers to increase domestic production.

The Made in America Act of 2013 [HR 2664]- introduced in the House Thursday- creates a voluntary, standardized labeling program that would allow consumers to easily identify the extent to which products are American-made.

"Americans know the phrase "Made in America' carries a meaning of quality and craftsmanship -- this bill helps consumers easily identify when they're buying American," said Fitzpatrick. "By connecting American consumers to American manufacturers like never before, we can bring more good paying manufacturing jobs back to the US."

Over the past several years, global economic factors and increased efficiencies in U.S. manufacturing have led to an "in-sourcing' trend that has seen more companies locate manufacturing facilities in the U.S. As American-made products are often associated with increased safety and quality, companies with U.S. manufacturing facilities have also started attracting consumers by identifying their products as American-made. This legislation standardizes that identification process.

The Made in America Act was referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. It was introduced along with Congressman John Carney (D-DE).

"We need to make things in America again. "The America Star Program' will make it easier for consumers to find American-made products and support the companies that are committed to employing American workers," said Carney of the bill. "It also creates an incentive for companies that are deciding whether to move production facilities back to the U.S."

Congressman Fitzpatrick was joined at the press conference by Michael Araten, President and CEO of the Rodon Group- Hatfield-based makers of K'nex and a variety of other plastic products.

"Consumers around the world are craving American made products. The "American Star Program' recognizes manufacturers like K'NEX and Rodon that make products here in the USA," said Araten. "Just as importantly, this legislation encourages American manufacturing and the sale of American made products. In a global economy, the "American Star Program' gives consumers' certainty and manufacturers a competitive edge- That is what governing is all about."

In addition to Araten, Hatfield Township Assistant Manager Devan Stewart, and State Representative Robert Godshall (R-53) attended the announcement in support of the legislation.

"The "Made in America Act' is just a part of a plan to bring good paying manufacturing jobs back to the US -- a process that's already begun," added Fitzpatrick. "By encouraging American manufacturers, clearing the way for their success, and making sure consumers can easily identify American-made products; our nation can once again become a manufacturing leader."

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