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America and a New Era of Prosperity

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. COLLINS of Georgia. Mr. Speaker, we just celebrated our Nation's Independence Day. As I reflected on this holiday, I wondered if our Founding Fathers would recognize America today. When I read over the weekend that fewer than half of the American adults currently have no full-time jobs, I realized the answer is no.

How is it that fewer than half of the adults in this country don't have full-time jobs? Is it for lack of wanting? Have we lost our work ethic or entrepreneurial spirit?

Absolutely not. No.

What is standing between the American people and a new era of prosperity is a Federal Government that thinks it knows how to spend folks' money better than they do.

That's why we need to embrace the free market principles articulated in the House Republican plan: we need to reduce health care costs by repealing ObamaCare; we need to reduce energy costs by responsibly tapping into our Nation's natural oil and gas reserves; we need to stop wasteful spending and reduce Federal bureaucracy; finally, we need to protect economic freedom.

This plan will help make America the most vibrant and productive economy in the world--and that's what we need to do.

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