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Holt Introduces "Hire a Veteran Week" Resolution

Location: Washington, DC

February 14, 2005

Bill Seeks to Encourage Employers to Think of Veterans First in Hiring Decisions

(Washington, DC). - Rep. Rush Holt (NJ-12) today introduced legislation to establish "National Hire a Veteran Week" as a means of focusing the nation's attention on the need to ensure veterans get the employment opportunities they deserve.

"It is shameful that so many of our veterans who risked their own lives to defend our freedom can't find jobs when they return home," said Holt. For too many years, veterans from every era-whether Vietnam, Gulf War, or Iraqi Freedom-have experienced greater unemployment than their age cohort who have not served. Some even endure homelessness and lives of poverty. Congress and the Administration must do more to help veterans find jobs that pay a living wage so they and their families can enjoy the dignity and prosperity that their services makes possible for all of us."

Holt's non-binding resolution calls on the President to make the week of November 10 every year "National Hire a Veteran Week," and to issue a presidential proclamation urging employers, labor organizations, veterans service organizations, and federal, state, and local governmental agencies to employ more veterans.

"Congress needs to send a message," said Holt, "If we are collectively responsible for sending America's sons and daughters in harm's way, we are also responsible for ensuring that, when they return home, they can find a job and transition back to a normal life. Our veterans defend the American dream. We should help them live it."

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