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Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Creating Jobs Through Global Partnerships


Location: Unknown

For the last several days, I've been in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel leading a trade mission on behalf of Delaware. We've had an incredible few days. We've met at the highest levels of government, with the Prime Minister and with the President, with the Director of Trade Promotion and with the Chief Economic Counselor to the Prime Minister. We've met with Universities and commercialization offices that are responsible for commercializing technology coming out of universities and putting them into the marketplace and into businesses. We've met with venture capitalists. We've met with other businesses. We've met with lawyers to build on the very strong relationship that Delaware has long had with Israel. The overwhelming majority of Israeli businesses that choose to incorporate in the USA choose to incorporate in Delaware and we wanted to build on that.

It's been an important few days, especially because it's important to me -- it's important to all the people of Delaware -- that we connect with the global economy. We live in a different world these days, a world where our future prosperity is largely dependent upon how effectively we connect with businesses and with people around the world.

We already do a lot of that. We have many multi-national companies operating out of Delaware. We have many companies from other countries that employ Delawareans. But there is more to do. And so we come to Israel to learn, to make connections, to make sure that we have additional Israeli companies coming to Delaware to incorporate and hopefully doing business here as well. It's this kind of effort that can ensure that we keep Delaware moving forward.

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