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Offshore Energy and Jobs Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. LAMBORN. I thank the chairman of the full committee, Representative Hastings. And I'll just reinforce the last point he was making.

And I don't believe that the gentleman from Florida intended his language to do this. But it says it is the right and power of each State to prohibit management, leasing, developing of the natural resources within such lands within its boundaries.

I don't believe it was intended, but this could have the dangerous consequence of trampling on private property rights.

It's been tried in the Fifth Amendment, and that is a vital core principle in our Bill of Rights. And I know that you didn't intend that, but this language could lead to that. For that reason alone, we should reject this amendment. This could have dangerous consequences.

So I agree with the full chairman, the gentleman from Washington. Let's reject this amendment.


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