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The Need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. POLIS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to call upon this body to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Moments ago, I was at a mock graduation of hundreds of Dreamers. These are young, de facto Americans, Americans who are as American as you or I, grew up, played on the sports team, were cheerleaders, in some cases valedictorians in their high schools, and yet they lack the paperwork to prove that they are Americans.

They are as American in their hearts as any of us and have so much to give to the great country in which they grew up. And yet they are prevented from doing so by the failure of this body to act.

I applaud President Obama's deferred action program, at least a temporary solution to allow these young de facto Americans to have the paperwork they need to get a job or get a driver's license. But there's no certainty there.

What becomes of them in 2 years, in 4 years?

How do they know that the time that they spend investing and earning a college degree will be able to pay off with a good job down the road?

It's time for this body to take up action on the Senate bill or pass a comprehensive House bill. We have a unique window of opportunity to do something very important for our economy, creating jobs for Americans, important for our national security, and important for the future of our country.

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