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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. FLEMING. I want to thank my friends tonight that we're all sharing this hour with, and Mrs. Bachmann in particular for leading us.

You know, Milton Friedman, the famous economist, said that you can have open borders if you don't have a welfare state. But if you have a welfare state, you're going to have to close your borders, and you're going to have to seal them. You see, we didn't have a problem with illegal immigration until we developed a robust welfare system in this country.

Now, make no mistake about it, people who come here legally and illegally come here for opportunity. I get that. Our forefathers came here for opportunity. The problem is that so many of them who come here illegally come so ill-prepared for success. They come with lack of education; they come with lack of skill; they come with lack of ability or unwillingness to assimilate into the culture. So what happens is they can't find success. So instead of returning back home where maybe they can work within their culture, they settle for our welfare state, and as such it has grown quite a bit.

So what does that mean when it comes to the amnesty that we're talking about tonight that's contained within the Senate bill? Well, the problem with that--and Heritage Foundation has done a great study on this. Robert Rector, as we know, is the guru, is the master when it comes to understanding the whole issue of our welfare state and the reform thereof and the need for that reform. What he tells us is, that as soon as we grant amnesty to folks, there will be chain migration. There will be votes for more and more entitlement programs and more and more safety net programs.

And so you will have millions of people who will be putting something into the system that are taking much more out, especially after the 10-year budget window, which is why it looks so good when it is actually put on paper. But we all know that what will happen is that this Nation, even though we are already $17 trillion in debt, will be much more in debt as a result of those people then getting onto Social Security and Medicare and all these other programs.

So what does that mean? We do have a problem. It all began with our inability to patrol our borders; and yet you have a giant Senate bill which is to immigration what ObamaCare is to health care--a giant, unwieldy, complicated bill that law, if it's ever passed into law, will be unenforceable.

So I've heard so many times--I've been here almost 5 years, my good friend from Minnesota--and do you know what, I've heard so many times that we've got to do something, we've got a problem so we've got to do something. So what do we do? We slam through a terrible bill, we get a terrible law, and we are worse off than we ever were.

So I say tonight, and I join with my friends to say, no, if we're going to pass something, let's pass something good. And what is that going to be? It's going to be border security, both external and internal border security. It begins there. We do nothing else until we have complete border security.

It is already in law, as the gentlelady has already expressed. We just simply ask the President to enforce the laws we already have. If we are not a Nation of laws, then we are a Nation of chaos and lawbreakers.

With that, I would just say in summation that we need to join together in this body and let's stop this terrible Senate amnesty bill. I don't know, it's about 1,200 pages, I believe. It is for immigration what ObamaCare is for health care. Let's stop these crazy, giant bills that nobody reads until they are passed. Let's begin to do it right. Let's start right now doing it right by fixing immigration by making our borders secure once again.


Mr. FLEMING. Thank you, my good friend from Minnesota.

That's precisely what I'm hearing in Louisiana, north Louisiana. Again, they go, why is it so complicated, fix the border, secure the border.

It's not just about the external border. Remember, 40 percent of those here illegally are because of their visa overstays. So we've also got to have internal security too.

This doesn't count all the other issues: the crime, the criminal elements, the terrorists and others that come across the border.

Yes, my constituents are 100 percent behind us on that.


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