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Congresswoman Jenkins: We Need to Relieve All Americans from this Mandate Permanently


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Conference Vice Chair Lynn Jenkins (KS-02) joined with the House leadership team to discuss the administration's decision to delay the ObamaCare employer mandate. Republican leaders highlighted a letter they sent to the White House this morning asking for more details about the decision.


Vice Chair Lynn Jenkins:

"Less than three months ago, the administration told those of us on the Ways and Means Committee, the president's health care law would be implemented on time and that no back-up plan for delay was needed.

"And yet, last week, we all know that a back-up plan was announced. It is clear the administration has come to realize the law's devastating effects on American businesses and individuals, but while it gives businesses a free pass on the employer mandate, I am disturbed the administration does not share the same concern for hardworking American families who are struggling to afford the law's government-mandated insurance.

"That is why I joined my colleagues in sending a letter to the president. We need to relieve all Americans from this mandate permanently, because no amount of government tinkering is going to fix this law. The employer mandate puts addition strain on the exchanges and has already destroyed jobs and forced employers to cut hours."

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