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Roskam: Latest Obamacare Delay Raises More Questions than Answers


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Peter Roskam (R-IL) released the following statement on the Obama Administration's decision to delay implementation of a key component of the health care law:

"This evening's news dump is the White House finally acknowledging what everyone else already knew: the president's health care reform was ill-conceived and is thus unworkable in the real world. But admitting the employer mandate isn't ready for prime time raises more questions than answers.

"Will delaying the employer mandate for one year without penalties result in more Americans getting dumped into state-run exchanges? Yet the health care exchanges are facing serious implementation hurdles on their own. Recently, the Government Accountability Office warned that state exchanges would not be ready for enrollees by the October 1st deadline. Delaying the employer mandate only creates more confusion for individual Americans and businesses who are left wondering where to turn for their health insurance.

"The fact remains that Obamacare is such a complex web that pulling a single string here causes something to unravel over there. The American people deserve better than this train wreck of a law. It's time to scrap Obamacare and replace it with patient-centered reforms that lower costs and increase the quality of care."

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