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Hearing of the House Energy and Power Subcommittee of the Energy and Commerce Committee - H.R. 1900, the Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting Reform Act


Location: Washington, DC

Over the last six months of this Congress, the Energy and Power Subcommittee has held multiple hearings that have touched on issues related to the growing domestic production of natural gas.

While we don't often agree on all of the issues before us, it has been heartening to hear the near universal consensus from the members of this subcommittee on the abundant growth in natural gas supplies and its benefits, such as increased manufacturing competitiveness along with growing support for exports, both of which need to be encouraged for the betterment of our economy and our energy

A common theme we have heard from our earlier hearings is that the U.S. needs to greatly expand its pipeline infrastructure because the new shale gas development has largely altered the previously existing model of delivering gas to capacity constrained centers that need it most like the Northeast and Midwest.

Producers need pipeline infrastructure to move it from the place of production to where it needs to be supplied most, which is often hundreds if not thousands of miles away. Utilities and manufacturers in the Northeast lack adequate supplies due to a lack of pipeline infrastructure.

There are endless examples of why more natural gas pipelines are needed but suffice it to say that it affects Americans in the two places that matter most right now -- in the consumer's wallets and in the job market.

I want to thank Representative Pompeo for his work on H.R. 1900, the Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting Reform Act. It is a commonsense and thoughtful approach to dealing with a critical need-the ability to build infrastructure in a timely manner. I also want to praise him for his openness to working with a wide variety of members on this issue, regardless of party affiliation. With that I will yield the balance of my
time to Mr. Pompeo.

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