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Governor for a Day Swearing In

Location: Annapolis, MD

Good morning. Thank you for being here on this momentous day to celebrate this incredible young woman. Especially thank you mom Angie for sharing Genea with us for the day. I know dad Karreem wanted to be here as well, but he had to take care of business.

I'd like to introduce Genea Harrison, our first-ever Governor for a Day.
Genea represents the progress we have made as a state in acknowledging and harnessing the awesome ability of women to move our State forward.
In Maryland, we have the highest percentage of women business owners in the country. During our administration, a record 44 percent of appointments to the judiciary have been women.

And representing us down the road, in that little town to the west called Washington, D.C., is the longest serving woman in the history of the United States Congress, and that of course is Senator Barbara Mikulski, who is now the chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

We also have the oldest statewide organization of women legislators. Which is not to say that the women legislators themselves are old. But the organization is the oldest organization of women legislators. That organization is full of women working to protect the beauty of our natural resources, the Chesapeake Bay, and to make the right investments and the right choices so that our children can achieve at a higher and higher level in school.

And these are all the goals--including the goal of job creation--that inspired Genea Harrison to be "Governor for a Day." These are the things that we all want for our kids.

There's no such thing in our state as a spare Marylander. If we achieve great advances in technology, trade, health, and science, but we don't have a state that is open and inclusive, then we haven't achieved very much.
Our diversity is our greatest strength and it is the responsibility of leaders in this room to nurture the dreams, the skills, and the confidence of young women like Genea.

She has set out for herself a pretty long list of things to accomplish today, and so we should probably get to work swearing her in.

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