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Saving Water Goal of New Berkley Conservation Bill

Location: Washington, DC

Saving Water Goal of New Berkley Conservation Bill

Legislation Offers Tax Credit for Water Saving Devices Added to Home or Business

(Washington, DC-February 3, 2005) .S. Representative Shelley Berkley introduced legislation Wednesday to encourage water conservation by providing a tax credit to individuals and small businesses willing to install water saving devices in a home or office.

"Conservation is one of the most effective ways communities like Las Vegas can manage water usage. My legislation encourages consumers and businesses to invest in water saving devices for their homes and businesses by offering a tax credit to help offset the cost of these improvements. Water-saving landscaping, low-flow shower heads and ultra-efficient washing machines are just a few of the items that would qualify for a tax credit under my plan,"said Berkley.

Last year alone, nearly one-third of the United States faced a moderate to extreme drought. Berkley noted that the Colorado River System remains in a record drought and it is not known when water shortages will end. The drought comes at a time when the west is facing unprecedented growth, placing ever greater demands on rivers, lakes and other bodies of water.

"Unless we nurture and develop highly efficient water usage practices in Nevada and other parts of the west, it will be next to impossible to meet the needs of our communities without jeopardizing the long-term health of the environment. My hope is that by rewarding efforts to save water, more people will be motivated to do their small part in accomplishing that larger goal. While it may seem that installing a low-flow shower head only amounts to a drop in the bucket when it comes to water conservation, if you multiply each gallon that is not used over the course of a year, it adds up to an ocean of savings."

The Water Conservation Incentive Act (H.R. 524) would provide individuals and small businesses a tax credit for the installation of water conservation items in their home or businesses. A partial list of items qualifying for the Berkley water conservation tax credit includes: low-flow shower heads, ultra-low and dual flush toilets, high efficiency washing machines, water efficient landscaping, irrigation clocks and drip irrigation. Individuals would be eligible for a maximum credit of $1,000 and small businesses could claim up to 10% of all eligible expenditures, with no dollar limit.

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