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Fair Wages


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Earlier today, I had the privilege of speaking with thousands of advocates at the National Federation of the Blind's annual convention in Orlando.

This crowd gets it. They understand that real transformation of publicly financed supports for people with disabilities not only requires a paradigm shift, but it also requires bold, courageous, and innovative leadership.

Given my strong interest in ensuring that every disabled worker has the opportunity to earn fair and moral pay, I joined the NFB-led initiative on Capitol Hill to eliminate a 70-year-old labor law that allows employers to pay subminimum wages.

This program has left some disabled employees making pennies on the hour. At the same time, some of these companies are paying their executives over half a million dollars per year. This is unacceptable. And we cannot allow this confused moral perspective to continue.

This discrimination is backwards. The myth that disabled workers cannot be productive employees is awful. Congress should be encouraging independence, not forcing disabled workers into an endless cycle of government dependence.

It's simple, folks: Meaningful work deserves fair pay.

The subminimum wage law unjustly prohibits workers with disabilities from reaching their full potential. And it must be repealed.

God Bless,

Gregg Harper
Member of Congress

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