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Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Making Progress for Delaware's Future


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Commemorating the Fourth of July at the parades, fireworks celebrations and other gatherings up and down our state is an annual reminder of the strong sense of community that exists among Delawareans. Just before the holiday, we concluded a legislative session here in Dover, where we made significant progress in strengthening our communities now and well into the future.

To improve our business environment, we addressed the dramatic increases in workers compensation costs and reformed our unemployment insurance system. We made progress on lowering taxes, particularly for manufacturers, and invested in initiatives that have helped spur job creation.

Our schools will produce our workforce of tomorrow and our budget adds more than 30 million dollars in education investments. Laws passed this year will better prepare our teachers, simplify school choice for families and increase accountability for charter schools.

To further our commitment to the safety of all Delawareans, we removed the private sale loophole that allowed anyone to buy a gun without a background check. And we required reporting of lost and stolen weapons.

Finally, we can proudly say Delaware is more welcoming than ever. All Delawareans who make lifetime commitments to each other now have full marriage rights and, last month, we ended legal discrimination on the basis of gender identity.

Recently, experts from the Federal Reserve confirmed Delaware is well-positioned for growth. By continuing to improve our schools and foster a healthy business climate, while making our state a safe and welcoming place, we're keeping Delaware moving forward.

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