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Governor Christie: Today Brings A New Era Of Higher Education For This State


Location: Unknown

"Thank you all. It's great to be here at Rutgers to sign the legislation right here in New Brunswick that brings a whole new era to higher education in our state. It makes what I believe will be a much stronger Rutgers going forward, a stronger Rutgers in competing for the best students not only here in New Jersey but around the country, a stronger Rutgers that will be competing for federal grant dollars with other institutions across the country, a stronger Rutgers in terms of the economic engine that it will be for everyone across the state as we struggle to try and get more and more people back to work and create more opportunity in our state. And I look at what Rutgers is going to be now, with the medical schools in Newark and New Brunswick, with the expansion of opportunity in Camden, with the nursing school, the dental school, all the things that make a top flight state university a top flight state university. And Rutgers doesn't have to make excuses anymore. Oh we don't have a medical school because of this, we don't have a dental school because of that, and trying to justify why we don't have things that other major state universities have. Now we do. And I think that's something that's going to be a great selling point. Rutgers represents opportunity and equality for everybody in this state and now it's going to have an opportunity to become even bigger and stronger and more persuasive in terms of the influence it will have on the state's business community, the state's science community and ultimately on the lifestyle that we all live in this state."

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