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The Week in Review

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. BACHMANN. Mr. Speaker, I was watching in my office what the gentleman from Texas was saying, and I was moved so profoundly because this week changed history. It changed history with the definition of America and the United States, but it also changed our constitutional Republic.

When the Supreme Court of the United States denied equal protection rights to every American by taking away our ability to elect our representatives, have them give voice to what our opinion is, and then the Supreme Court decides to substitute their morality for that of the people's duly elected people, as they did also in California, now we're looking at a supreme betrayal. Not only did the Supreme Court betray us on the issue of marriage, we've been betrayed by the Senate and also by Republicans in the Senate. We have a fake border security bill that is about to give amnesty to millions and millions of illegal immigrants, and we are about to see that bill now come to the House of Representatives.

People are very worried about what they've seen happen this week. One woman was crying to me this morning, saying that, Michelle, our country is falling down around our eyes. So what I told her what we need to do is we need to pray, we need to pray, we need to confess our sins as a Nation, and we need to pray and ask God for his holy intervention and for his forgiveness.

We are not over as a Nation, there is a future, there is a hope. But we need to recognize that this week was historic and, Mr. Speaker, the words of Mr. Gohmert were exactly right. This is a very, very important decision. It went at kicking out the fundamental building block of this Nation, which is the family. The hub of the family is the marriage between a mom and a dad. That was hurt this week by the Supreme Court. Now we are looking at violating the fundamental rule of law by legalizing millions of illegal immigrants with this fake border security bill that will never ever come into place.

The gentleman has said it well, he said it very well. I want to come up and thank him and congratulate him for his remarks. But to let the American people know there is a future, there is a hope, and we're going to continue to fight here in the House of Representatives.


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